About Us

shenzhen industrilal man rapid prototype factory established in 2001, Now is located in Songgang, Maozhou River, Bao an, shenzhen. With 10.000 square meters industrial zone, which is close to the airport, adjacent to Dongguan, The company is with the core of product model design, and provide a full range of technical services on model designed.

industrial-man a purely hands-making gradually develop into a mechanized, Our staff size from several employees into today's more than 300, and we focus on our technology innovation and machine undate. During these years, we imported a modern 5-Axis CNC milling from Italy. 3D laser rapid printer From USA, Precsise CNC machines, 3D quality testing mahcine and other high-end equipment. Industrial-man with First-class professional services to a wide range of auto motive, Car bumpers, electronics. telecommunications, aerospace and other vessels, including automotive annual ouput more than 50 million, including front and rear bumpers, center control, dashboard, grills. etc.

with decades of experience, industrial-man has strong technical support and station long-term well know technical experts, with the scientific control, more than one hundred professional and technical personal to develop a high level of professionalism team with long-term practical experience. we try all our best to meet the needs of every clients and make each order to achieve the ulitmate, Strive to share the challenges and pressures with customers and provide customers with competitive solutions.

We welcome you to our factory for visiting and business negotiation.