Characteristics of rapid prototyping technology

- Aug 25, 2016 -

1 to make rapid

RP technology is complex in concurrent engineering prototypes or effective means of manufacturing, product design and production, thus raising the efficiency, shorten the design cycle, greatly reduces the costs and risks of new product development, smaller dimensions, special product is particularly useful.

2 integration of CAD/CAM technology

Design and manufacturing integration is always a difficult point, CAPP (CAPP) at this stage due to not work with CAD, CAM totally seamless, which is restricting Informationization of manufacturing industry has been one of the difficulties, integration of CAD, CAM and rapid prototyping technology, laser technology, CNC technology, chemical engineering, materials engineering, and many other technologies, makes the perfect realization of the concept of integrated design and manufacturing.

3 completely reproduce three dimensional data

After completion of rapid prototyping and manufacturing of parts and complete real reproduction of three dimensional model, regardless of the outer surface of the profiled surface or cavity shaped holes are true and accurate completion of the form, basically no longer need to use an external device for repair.

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