Classification of rapid prototyping

- Aug 25, 2016 -

3D printing is a series of rapid prototyping technology collectively, its basic principles are made of laminated, by a rapid prototyping machine in the x-y plane by scanning the form the shape of the workpiece and continuous layer thickness in the z coordinate of the displacement, resulting in three dimensional parts. Rapid prototyping technologies currently on the market are divided into 3DP, FDM melt laminated molding technology, SLA Stereolithography technology, SLS selective laser sintering, DLP and UV ultraviolet laser molding technology forming technology.

FDM melt stratification moulding technology: FDM melt laminated molding technology is the filiform melt hot melt materials and three dimensional nozzle in the computer under the control of, based on the profile information, the selectively coated material in the work table, rapid cooling after the formation of a layer of section. Molding is completed, machine table down a height (lift height) before forming the next layer until the formation of the entire solid model. Many kinds of materials, forming high strength, high precision, and is mainly used for the forming of small plastic parts.

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