Proposal of rapid prototype manufacturing technology

- Aug 25, 2016 -

Rapid prototyping manufacturing technology (Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing, RPM) late in the 1980 of the 20th century from the United States, is the world in the last 20 years a major breakthrough in the field of manufacturing technology.

Layered manufacturing technology (Layered Manufacturing Technique, LMT), solid free form fabrication (Solid Freeform Fabrication, SEF, direct CAD manufacturing (Direect CAD Manufacturing,DCM), desktop manufacturing (Desktop Manufacturing,DTM), instant manufacturing (Instant Manufacturing,IM) in RPM with similar connotations.

RPM technology differs from traditional access to parts of the material removal method or material deformation, but under computer control, based on the principle of discrete accumulation/packing materials by different methods of finished parts and manufacturing technology. From the perspective of forming, parts can be regarded as formed by the superposition of point, line or polygon, is discrete from the CAD models get points, the geometric information and process parameter information, controlling material regularly and precisely from the point to the plane, by the accumulation of surface to volume parts. From manufacturing angle see, it according to CAD styling generated parts three dimensional geometry information, into for corresponding of instruction transmission to NC system, through laser beam or other method makes material by layer stacked and formed prototype or parts, without after mold design making link, great to improve has production efficiency, greatly reduced production cost, especially great to shortened production cycle, was as manufacturing in the of once revolution.

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