The development direction of rapid prototyping

- Aug 25, 2016 -

RP technology has been applied in many fields, its main application in design, market forecasting, engineering tests (such as stress analysis, wind tunnel), Assembly and testing, mold manufacturing, medical, aesthetics, and so on. Application of RP technology in the manufacturing industry the most (up to 67%), RP technology to improve product design and manufacturing level has an important role.

There are still many problems of rapid prototyping technology, research and development work, mainly in the following aspects:

⑴ to improve the reliability of rapid prototyping system, productivity and production of large capacity, in particular rapid prototyping manufacturing precision of the system;

⑵ develop economical rapid prototyping system;

⑶ rapid prototyping method and process improvement and innovation;

⑷ application of rapid tooling;

⑸ development rapid prototyping materials with good performance;

⑹ development and rapid prototyping of high-performance software.

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