Application Of Rapid Prototyping Technology In Which

- Aug 25, 2016 -

1, design validation and verification of the new product development process. RP technology to quickly design the CAD model into a physical model, so you can easily verify that the designers of the design thinking and rationality, for Assembly of the product structure, aesthetics, and find problems in your design can be modified in a timely manner. If you use the traditional method, complete the drawing, design, tooling and manufacturing technology and many other areas, long period and high cost. If not for design validation and production directly, as soon as there are flaws in the design, will cause great losses.

2, manufacturing, and Assembly of test and availability inquiries, market promotion, complex systems of limited space, such as motor vehicles, satellites and missile manufacturing and assembling of RP method for testing and design, will significantly reduce the difficulty of this type of system design and manufacturing. For complex parts it is difficult to determine, you can RP technology to try to determine the best reasonable production process. In addition, RP prototype or product from design to commercialization of all aspects of effective means of communication.

3, single-piece and small-batch production of complex parts and special. For the polymer parts, available high-strength engineering plastic rapid prototyping directly, use; for complex metal parts can be obtained through direct metal rapid casting or molding. The application has special meaning for aviation, aerospace and defense industry.

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