Chang An International Innovation Center For Rapid Prototyping

- Aug 25, 2016 -

The morning of August 6, town, by Government, Tianshi international entrepreneurship lab, Dongguan mechanical and electrical engineering school Guangdong longkai AG and co-founded the international day open innovation platform-Chang ' an international Innovation Center for rapid prototyping, mechanical and electrical engineering school, in boot, Changan town, marking the introduction of international innovation resources into the implementation phase, Changan town, the Center will help speed up the training of forces of endogenous innovation, so as to effectively activate the idle capacity and capital.

United States Director of the MIT international science and Technology Center for science learning plan Gilberg, Director of the Massachusetts Institute of technology innovation Center in Hong Kong Bryan, College of architecture, University of Hong Kong Professor Connie town, and main leader He Shaotian, Guo Rongxin attended the launching ceremony and "Enterprise day International Center for rapid prototyping and innovation" unveiled.

"Changan day international Innovation Center for rapid prototyping to MIT students develop new knowledge, new technology provides a good platform, promoting scientific research and application, they will use its own resources, strengthen multi-party cooperation with Chang, to inject new vitality into scientific and technological innovation. "Gilberg said.

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