CNC Rapid Prototyping Applications

- Jun 30, 2017 -

  CNC rapid prototyping applications

  At present, the development level of CNC rapid prototyping technology is mainly in the domestic application of new products (including the replacement of the product) to develop the design verification and simulation of the sample trial, that is completed from the product concept design (or modification design) - modeling design - structural design - basic function evaluation - simulation sample preparation of this development process. For some of the plastic structure-based products can also be a small batch of trial production, or a number of physical aspects of functional testing, assembly verification, the actual appearance of the effect of scrutiny, and even small batch assembly of products on the market, to achieve the purpose of throwing stone asked the way. CNC rapid prototyping applications are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  (1) the design of new product development process validation and functional verification. RP technology can quickly convert the CAD model of product design into physical physical model, which can easily verify the designer's design ideas and product structure of the rationality, can be assembled, aesthetics, found that the design of the problem can be modified in time. If the traditional method, the need to complete the drawing, process design, tooling mold manufacturing and other links, long cycle, high cost. If you do not design verification and direct production, then once the design errors, will cause great losses.

  (2) manufacturability, assemblability testing and supply inquiry, marketing, complex systems for limited space, such as automotive, satellite, missile manufacturability and assurability, are tested and designed using the RP method. Greatly reduce the difficulty of the design and manufacture of such systems. For complex parts that are difficult to determine, you can use RP, technology for trial production to determine the best reasonable process. In addition, RP prototype or product from design to commercialization of all aspects of the exchange of effective means. Such as providing customers with product samples, marketing, etc., CNC rapid prototyping technology has become a parallel engineering and agile manufacturing of a technical approach.

  (3) direct production of single, small batch and special complex parts. For the polymer parts of the material, high-strength engineering plastics can be used directly CNC rapid prototyping to meet the requirements; for complex metal parts, can be obtained by rapid casting or direct metal parts. The application of the aviation, aerospace and defense industry has special significance.

  (4) rapid mold manufacturing. Through a variety of conversion technology RP prototype into a variety of fast molds, such as low melting point alloy mold, silicone mold, metal cold spray mold, ceramic mold, etc., for the production of small and medium-sized parts to meet the product replacement fast, more and more bulk Small development trend. CNC rapid prototyping applications include almost all areas of manufacturing, in the medical, ergonomic, cultural relics protection and other industries have also been more and more widely used.

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