CNC Rapid Prototyping Techniques Generate Background

- Aug 07, 2017 -

  CNC Rapid Prototyping techniques generate background

  (1) With the formation of global market integration, manufacturing competition is fierce, product development speed is increasingly becoming the main contradiction. In this case, the ability (cycle and cost) of autonomous rapid product development (rapid design and rapid tooling) has become the foundation of the global competition for manufacturing.

  (2) manufacturing industry in order to meet the changing needs of users, CNC Rapid Prototyping requiring manufacturing technology has a strong flexibility, to small quantities or even a single production without increasing the cost of the product. Therefore, the product development speed and manufacturing technology flexibility is very critical.

  (3) from the technical development point of view, computer science, CAD technology, materials science, laser technology development and popularization for the new manufacturing technology has laid a technical material foundation.

  The basic principle of CNC Rapid Prototyping technology

  CNC Rapid Prototyping technology is under the control of the computer, based on the principle of dispersion, accumulation of different methods of accumulation of materials, and ultimately the completion of parts forming and manufacturing technology.

  1, from the forming point of view, parts can be regarded as "point" or "face" of the superposition. From the CAD electronic model, we get the geometric information of "point" or "face", and then combine with the forming process parameter information to control the material regularly and precisely from point to surface, CNC Rapid Prototyping from the surface to the body to build parts.

  2, from the manufacturing point of view, it is based on CAD modeling parts to generate three-dimensional geometric information, control multi-dimensional system, CNC Rapid Prototyping through the laser beam or other methods to stack the material layer by layer to form a prototype or parts.

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