CNC Rapid Prototyping Technology, Also Known As CNC Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing Technology

- Aug 07, 2017 -

  CNC Rapid Prototyping technology, also known as CNC Rapid Prototyping manufacturing technology, was born in the late 1980s, is based on the material accumulation method of a high-tech manufacturing technology, is considered the past 20 years to create a major achievement in the field. It integrates mechanical engineering, CAD, reverse engineering technology, tiered manufacturing technology, numerical control technology, material science, laser technology in one, can automatically, directly, quickly and accurately change the design idea into a certain function of the prototype or direct manufacturing parts , Thus for the parts prototype production, the design of the new design and other aspects of the provision of a highly efficient and low-cost means of implementation. That is, CNC Rapid Prototyping technology is the use of three-dimensional CAD data, through the CNC Rapid Prototyping machine, a layer of material into a solid prototype.

  CNC Rapid Prototyping technology features

  (1) the use of materials used in the prototype is not limited, all kinds of metal and non-metallic materials can be used;

  (2) copy of the prototype, high interchangeability;

  (3) the manufacturing process and the prototype of the prototype has nothing to do, in the processing of complex surface is more superior;

  (4) processing cycle is short, low cost, cost and product complexity has nothing to do, the general manufacturing costs reduced by 50%, processing cycle savings of more than 70%;

  (5) a high degree of technical integration, can achieve the design and manufacturing integration;

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