CNC Rapid Prototyping Technology Features

- Jun 30, 2017 -

  CNC rapid prototyping Technology Features

  L) CNC rapid prototyping technology is characterized by the need for machining equipment or mold can be quickly manufactured shape, you can create any complex three-dimensional geometric entities. Due to the principle of discrete / stacking molding, it simplifies the process of simplifying the process into two-dimensional process, CNC rapid prototyping which can realize the processing of any complex shape parts. The more complex parts can show the superiority of RP technology In addition, RP technology is particularly suitable for complex cavity, complex surface and other traditional methods difficult to manufacture or even impossible to manufacture parts.

  2) fast. The design and processing of a new part can be obtained by modifying or reorganizing a CAD model. CNC rapid prototyping From a few hours to dozens of hours can be manufactured parts, with rapid manufacturing of outstanding features.

  3) highly flexible. No need for any special fixture or tool to complete the complex manufacturing process, the rapid manufacture of molds, prototypes or parts.

  4) CNC rapid prototyping technology to achieve the mechanical engineering disciplines over the years to pursue the two advanced goals. That is, CNC rapid prototyping material extraction (gas, liquid solid phase) process and manufacturing process integration and design (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM) integration.

  5) and reverse engineering (Reverse Engineering), CAD technology, network technology, virtual reality, etc., as a powerful tool for product development.

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