CNC Rapid Prototyping Technology Is Highly Automated And Fully Automated

- Nov 01, 2017 -

CNC Rapid Prototyping technology breaks through the traditional parts processing mode of "roughing → cutting → finished products", creating a precedent for the production of parts without tools, which is an unprecedented method of superimposing thin layers. Compared with the traditional cutting method, CNC Rapid Prototyping has the following advantages:

(1) CNC Rapid Prototyping can quickly create free surfaces and more complex forms of parts, such as parts in the groove, shoulder and hollow parts, etc., greatly reducing the development of new products and development cycle.

(2) is a non-contact processing, do not need the machine tool cutting tool and fixture, no tool wear and cutting force.

(3) no vibration, noise and cutting waste.

(4) can be achieved at night fully automated production.

(5) CNC Rapid Prototyping processing efficiency, can quickly produce a solid product model and mold.

CNC Rapid Prototyping technology is an advanced manufacturing technology developed in the 1990s. It is a key common technology for the development of new products in manufacturing enterprises. It is very important to promote enterprise product innovation, shorten new product development cycle and improve product competitiveness. The promotion of the role. Since the advent of the technology, has been in the manufacturing industry in developed countries has been widely used, and thus produce a new technology areas.

CNC Rapid Prototyping technology is developed on the basis of modern CAD / CAM technology, laser technology, computer numerical control technology, precision servo drive technology and new material technology. Different types of CNC Rapid Prototyping system due to the use of different materials, forming principles and system characteristics are also different. However, the basic principles are the same, that is, "layered manufacturing, layer by layer," similar to the mathematical integration process. Imagine, the CNC Rapid Prototyping system is like a "three-dimensional printer."

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