Hardware Manufacturing Industry To Enter And A New Era

- Nov 03, 2016 -

Machine tools, as the current industrial equipment manufacturing and processing of one of the most important equipment, is constantly advancing to the intelligent. CNC machine tools, they created a combination of precision manufacturing technology and related technologies, computer software and hardware technology, and compatible with network technology precedent, launched the human intelligent production tools of the pace of development. When the numerical control machine tool through the numerical control device gradually has the logical judgment and the teaching function, this intelligence characteristic begins to receive the people more attention.

An intelligent machine is a machine that can make judgments and decisions about the manufacturing process. Intelligent machine tool to understand the entire process of manufacturing, to monitor, diagnose and correct all kinds of deviation in the production process. And can provide the optimization for the production plan. In addition, the remaining life of the cutting tools, spindles, bearings and rails used can be calculated, allowing the user to know the remaining time and replacement time.

The emergence of intelligent machine tools for the future of the equipment manufacturing industry to achieve full production automation to create the conditions. Intelligent machine tool by automatically suppress vibration, reduce heat distortion, to prevent interference, automatically adjust the amount of lubricating oil, reduce noise, can improve the machining accuracy and efficiency. For the further development of integrated manufacturing systems, the level of automation of a single machine, you can greatly reduce the man in the management of machine tools workload.

Intelligent machine tools allow people to have more energy and time to solve complex problems outside the machine, but also further development of intelligent machine tools and intelligent systems. The development of numerical control system innovation, intelligent machine tools played a very important role. It can store a large amount of information and store, analyze, process, judge, adjust, optimize and control various kinds of information. Intelligent machine tools also have important functions such as tooling database, conversational programming, tool path checking, process time analysis, start-up time analysis, actual process load monitoring, process navigation, tuning, optimization, and adaptive control.

With the economic and scientific and technological development, improvement of people's cultural quality and improvement of living conditions, in addition to the strong support of the state, the country's increasing emphasis on security, more and more robots gradually replaced a lot of industry Areas of work. Industrial robot era is ushering in their own spring. According to the International Mold and Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association, the Secretary-General Luo Baihui research shows that foreign auto industry, electrical and electronic industry, construction machinery and other industries have extensive use of industrial robots automated production lines to ensure product quality and improve production efficiency, while avoiding a large number of Work injury accident. The practice of industrial robots in nearly half a century shows that the popularization of industrial robots is an effective means to realize automatic production, improve social productivity and promote the development of enterprises and social productive forces. Robot technology is a forward-looking, strategic high-tech field. Industrial robots automated production line of complete sets of equipment has become the mainstream of automation equipment, the popularity of domestic robots is also a matter of time.

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