Principle Of LOM Rapid Prototyping

- Aug 25, 2016 -

Laminated object manufacturing (LOM--Laminated Object Manufacturing), LOM, also known as cascade method, based on sheet (such as paper, plastic film, or composite) for raw materials, the forming principle is shown in figure, laser cutting system by computer to extract the cross section profile data will be coated with hot-melt Adhesive for paper on the back with laser cutting the workpiece profiles. After cutting out a layer, new layers of paper in the feeder will stack up, use of thermal-viscosity-pressure device has been cutting layers glued together, then cut, cut, glue a layer layer, eventually becoming three dimensional work pieces. LOM material is paper, metal foil, plastic film, such as ceramic membrane, which apart from creating moulds, models, you can also create structure or function. This method is cheap, low cost of raw materials.

Material: coated with heat-sensitive adhesive fiber paper;

Product performance: the equivalent of high wood;

Main use: rapid prototypes of new products, models, or for casting mold.

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