Rapid Prototyping Development

- Aug 25, 2016 -

In the modern industrial production, industrial products requires the use of 60%~90% mold, mould industry has become one of the basic industries in manufacturing, as a means of technological achievements, but it is also an important field of high-tech industry, in Europe and other industrialized countries are becoming "diantiechengjin" and "magnetic industry." Visible mold industry in economic development in the countries of the world is of great prominence.

XI ' an Jiaotong University Mechanical Engineering Institute, National Engineering Research Center of rapid manufacturing, rapid manufacturing engineering research center of the Ministry of education, summarizes the current manufacturing showed the following trend:

1, the globalisation of production, management and marketing;

2, the user needs with personalized, diversified;

3, shorter product life cycles, upgrade acceleration;

4, product technology of high technology;

5, intensification of competition in the market.

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