Statistics On Rapid Prototyping

- Aug 25, 2016 -

According to statistics, China's new product development cycle for an average of 18 months, the life cycle of the product is 10.5 years. United States in 1990, to achieve "3 x 3", the product life cycle is 3 years, the trial period of 3 months, the product design cycle for 3 weeks. Therefore, manufacturing enterprises in the 21st century of survival and development, will have to face this new situation, continue to study or the introduction of new technology.

The past, the traditional method is the use of a variety of mechanical parts molding machine, as well as tool and die, also have a high level of technical, high cost and manufacturing period as long as several weeks, or even months, cannot adapt to the new product updates. To overcome these problems, in recent years, successful development of rapid prototyping manufacturing technology of rapid prototyping machines. It is the use of physical methods, such as laser, to provide users with physical and quickly modify designs, which greatly reduces new product development time and costs. Rapid prototyping technologies are widely used in aerospace, automotive, electronics, telecommunications, medical, construction, household appliances, toys, furniture, hardware and craft production, and many other fields.

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