The Practical Application Of CNC Rapid Prototyping Technology Is Mainly Focused On The Following Aspects

- Aug 07, 2017 -

  The practical application of CNC Rapid Prototyping technology is mainly focused on the following aspects:

  (1) in the new product design process in the application of CNC Rapid Prototyping technology for industrial product design and development staff to establish a new product development model. The CNC Rapid Prototyping technology can quickly, directly and accurately transform the design idea into a physical model (sample) with certain functions, which not only shortens the development cycle, but also reduces the development costs and enables the enteRPrises to occupy in the fierce market competition Opportunity.

  (2) in the field of mechanical manufacturing applications due to the characteristics of CNC Rapid Prototyping technology, making it in the field of mechanical manufacturing, access to a wide range of applications, and more for the manufacture of single, small quantities of metal parts manufacturing. Some special complex parts, because only a single production, or less than 50 small batch, generally can be used directly forming CNC Rapid Prototyping technology, low cost, short cycle.

  (3) rapid mold manufacturing traditional mold production time is long, high cost. Combining CNC Rapid Prototyping technology with traditional mold making technology can greatly shorten the development cycle of mold making and improve the productivity, which is an effective way to solve the problem of mold design and manufacturing. CNC Rapid Prototyping technology in the mold manufacturing applications can be divided into two kinds of direct molding and indirect mold making, direct mold is the use of CNC Rapid Prototyping technology to create a direct accumulation of mold, indirect mold is the first CNC Rapid Prototyping parts, Copy the required mold.

  (4) in the field of medical applications In recent years, people on the CNC Rapid Prototyping technology in the field of medical research more. Based on medical imaging data, the use of CNC Rapid Prototyping technology to produce human organ model, the surgical operation has great application value.

  (5) in the field of culture and the arts in the field of culture and art, CNC Rapid Prototyping manufacturing technology for artistic creation, cultural relics, digital sculpture.

  (6) in the field of aerospace technology in the field of aerospace, aerodynamics ground simulation experiment (ie wind tunnel experiment) is the design of advanced advanced system of heaven and earth (ie space shuttle) is an essential part of the essential. The model used in this experiment is complex in shape, high in precision and streamlined. With CNC Rapid Prototyping technology, according to the CAD model, the solid model is automatically completed by the CNC Rapid Prototyping equipment, which can guarantee the quality of the model.

  (7) in the home appliance industry applications At present, the CNC Rapid Prototyping system in the domestic appliance industry has been a large degree of popularity and application, so that many household electrical appliance enteRPrises in the forefront of the domestic.

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