The Significance Of Hand Model Produced By Rapid Prototyping Technology

- Aug 25, 2016 -

1.shortening the product development cycle

Each product listing, through research and development, modeling, market research, production activities, and so on a series of live to. Shanghai fast prototyping premium greatly improve product research cycle, accelerating the speed of available. Original model made possible by a hand-hand or more elaborate models, rapid prototyping mold can now research products at an early stage.

2.improving its ability to manufacture complex parts

Process may be former hand model on some premium difficult some relatively large, now don't worry about it. Shanghai hand model for rapid prototyping and production process can easily solve some complex part manufacturing, improving its ability to manufacture complex parts.

3.improve the success rate of products available

Before using rapid prototyping technology to make products manufactured models, and then fully restored models, see what lack of products there, what are the disadvantages, and problems occurred to alter the design of the product. This way not only save the costs of manufacturing, also raised the possibility of successful job interview.

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